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The best meeting room platform with USB-C

Transform your meetings with Taurus: the easy-to-use meeting room platform that provides unparalleled audiovisual experience with USB-C.

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60 minutes = 51 minutes? Not any more! 

According to industry data, up to 15% of meeting time is wasted due to inefficient equipment and technology.* That's precious time and productivity - lost. But with the right tool, you can make every meeting count. 

Our meeting room platform ensures crystal-clear audio and video quality, allowing for seamless, dynamic communication and collaboration, plus charging with only one USB-C plug. And with the built-in automation, any employee will be running their meetings like the pros in our favorite movies.

*Based on an in-depth research.

Ready to revolutionize meetings?

If we count 260 working days in a year and 8 hours of meetings per day, then a 15% technological difficulty causes a net loss of 300 hours per meeting room.

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  • Standard meeting room platforms

  • Lightware Taurus UCX meeting room platform

Tired of complicated meeting room setups?

Collaborate better, work smarter

TAURUS UCX: The All-in-One Meeting Room Solution

Efficient meeting with private laptop:

Our versatile switcher supports BYOD & BYOM (Bring Your Own Device, Bring Your Own Meeting) for easy meeting access and high-quality audiovisuals.

Meeting room platform 2.0

Benefit from the room's assets, using the dedicated USB camera and operating the mouse and the keyboard? The meeting works just as it should.

Stay in charge(d)

With wired internet, USB-C power and speed, everyone will always stay in charge when presenting and collaborating with others.

Future-proof room automation

With the advanced automation capabilities, anyone can control the meeting room equipment and take full advantage of the room's automation opportunities. 

See it for yourself in our Demo Experience Center

Don’t just take our word for it: we’d like to invite you to experience the Taurus UCX first-hand, in a live environment. 

Located in Lime Street, London, our team is awaiting you in the Lightware Demo Experience Center with a training room and demonstration setups of our latest products.

Book an appointment to test the Taurus UCX platform, learn more about Lightware, and join us for exciting road map sessions and discussions on future technologies.

Real Stories from Real Customers

Get inspired by these stories.

The quality is amazing, and the interface is user-friendly. Even with the patchwork approach, the Lightware switchers still perform as expected and provide the convenience and flexibility the Napier community needs, a testament to their design.

Ben Taylor
Head of AV for Edinburgh Napier University

We selected Taurus UCX because of the simplicity of installation and user experience. Taurus UCX streamlines USB-C to HDMI connectivity. It’s incredibly helpful for BYOM applications. Additionally, an important feature for the end user is Taurus UCX’s charging functionality. It charges the device during BYOM.

Izzi Demara
Marketing Coordinator for RoomReady

Lightware solved a problem that I didn’t know I had before I had it. I solve end users’ problems, and I like it when other people do that for me. Most importantly, the end user does not know about the technology behind the experience, but it all works the same, no matter what they’re connecting.

Jon Hamilton
Audiovisual Manager for Emory University School of Medicine

Award-winning meeting room platform at your service

Recognized for its robustness and reliability, Lightware Taurus UCX has won multiple industry awards, including "Best of Show" at ISE 2022.

Ready to ship: Lightware has meeting rooms covered

No more waiting for product lead times or vendor back orders. At Lightware, our products are immediately available and ready to ship, no matter the size of your order.

We dare you to try it.
We dare you to give it back

Your exclusive opportunity to test the Taurus UCX for free

Investing in your smoothest meeting room experience yet is no small step. And definitely not one we expect you to take blindly. After all, the Taurus UCX is all about seeing (and hearing) things more clearly than ever before. We are confident, however, that your new platform will far outshine your expectations, whether you're hoping for perfect video or audio quality or a completely user-friendly interface. 

So confident that we are happy to lend you a Taurus UCX for a 1-month trial period, free of charge. And we dare you to give it back!